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Products for Fine Lines & Wrinkles

The cumulative effect of sun exposure combined with years of laughing and smiling lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as we age. Used in conjunction with daily sunscreen, our potent treatments will effectively smooth the skin and improve the look of photoaged skin.

Refined by:
  • New
    Skin resurfacing treatment
    C$ 85.00
  • Décolletage rejuvenating cream
    C$ 98.00
  • Volumizing Antiaging Eye Treatment
    C$ 90.00
  • 3D volumizer
    C$ 130.00
  • Gentle gel facial wash
    C$ 30.00
  • Moisturizers, Sun Care
    Matrix Support SunscBS SPF30 50g
    Matrix Support with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30
    C$ 75.00
  • Multi-action antiaging treatment
    C$ 110.00
  • Revitalizing Facial Cleanser
    C$ 40.00
  • New
    Potent eye firming treatment for dark circles and wrinkles
    C$ 54.00
  • Aqua anti-wrinkle concentrate
    C$ 49.00
  • Potent regenerative treatment
    C$ 92.00
  • New
    Anti-Wrinkle Topical Line Filler
    C$ 40.00
  • Exfoliation, Serums
    Glycolic Renewal Serum 30ml
    Antioxidant smoothing treatment
    C$ 52.00
  • Exfoliation, Moisturizers
    Glycolic Renewal Smth Cream 40g
    Texture-Refining Moisturizer
    C$ 45.00
  • High strength weekly treatment
    C$ 80.00
  • C$ 25.00
  • Replenishing Serum
    C$ 75.00
  • Cleansers, Exfoliation
    Glycolic Mousse Cleanser 125mL
    Skin renewal + preparation
    C$ 35.00
  • Daily peptide infusion
    C$ 46.00
  • Illuminating effervescent facial
    C$ 78.00