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Products for Dry and Scaly Skin

Dry skin and scaling conditions range from mildly dry with light flaking and skin tightness to extremely rough, scaly skin. Along with lifestyle changes like avoiding long, hot showers, our moisturizing formulas can significantly improve the condition of dry, flaky skin.

Refined by:
  • New
    Daily Volumizing Gel Cream
    C$ 115.00
  • Skin resurfacing treatment
    C$ 85.00
  • Gentle gel facial wash
    C$ 30.00
  • Aqua anti-wrinkle concentrate
    C$ 49.00
  • New
    Hyaluronic Acid refilling eye gel-cream
    C$ 48.00
  • C$ 10.00
  • Hydrating eye-area treatment
    C$ 52.00
  • Antiaging moisturizer for sensitive skin
    C$ 49.00
  • Hydrating cream
    C$ 31.00