Hyaluronic Acid Micro Infusion Patches

$25.00 SRP
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Delivers concentrated surface hydration to improve the appearance of targeted wrinkles. Designed to smooth, plump and fill the look of lines where patches are applied.
Ideal For: Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin

Key Ingredients

  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
Targets visible expression lines such as forehead creases, the furrow of the brow, crow's feet and laugh lines.  Mode of Action: Unique delivery system infuses Hyaluronic Acid (HA) into the surface of the skin.​
CONTAINS 2 Patches
In the evening, remove the patches from the tray and carefully remove the white protective film from a single patch. Gently press the rough, conical side of the patch onto clean skin over the targeted expression line, avoiding the undereye area and lips. Repeat with the second patch. In the morning, gently remove the patch and discard. Note, the patches may fall off after a few hours of sleeping. The HA will be dissolved and infused into the skin’s surface.