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UPC 0 57990 02605 3
Skin Resurfacing Duo
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UPC 0 57990 02605 3
Skin Resurfacing Duo
Treatments | All skin types
Ideal for: Loss of radiance
This microbead-free treatment exfoliates the superficial layers of the skin to revitalize the complexion and enhance skin clarity. Ideal for a quick fix for dull skin, this duo provides quick results with no downtime.
Size: Crystals 50 mL, Activator 100 mL
Suggested retail price: $78.00
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  • Exfoliates superficial layers of the skin
  • Revitalizes complexion, enhancing skin clarity
  • Reveals radiant, younger-looking skin after just 1 treatment

Dermatologist recommended

Mechanically and safely exfoliate the skin.
Allows the release of powerful anti-aging benefits.

Apply Crystals. Massage gently for 1 minute. Apply Activator over Crystals. For sensitive skin, mix both products in the palm of hand before applying. Massage gently for 2 minutes. Rinse. Can be used 1-3 times weekly on face, neck, décolleté and hands.

Cautions: Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

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